Welcome to the Homer Davis Cafe

After all the parties were over and the theater show long closed, the place to be on a Saturday night was that sizzling little juke joint around the corner on Ashe Street. Next door to Sister Babe’s.

It was just the right place to shed your evil spirits or calm the stress of rent due on Fridays. Soon as the latest Temptations or Tyrone Davis tune hit the radios, Homer “Booie” Davis would have it. Thumping away on his jukebox.

For a quarter, play 3 of the hottest R&B songs in the land. With doors wide open, this joint was always ready for a steamy good time, or just “kicking it” for relaxation in old Brooklyn.

Seating?.. very limited. But that didn’t matter. You won’t be sitting anyway the way the jukebox was jumping. Best chance to catch your breath… if someone finally pulls up “Stay In My Corner” as their play selection. Then again, many said to have actually lost their breath in a close, slow, passionate embrace whenever that one played.

So Sisters, order up a Nehi Orange with tater chips. Or Brothers, an RC Cola and drop in a bag of salty peanuts. Now slide a two-bit piece in the piccolo to let the good times roll at the …

Homer Davis Café … the hottest joint in town!

From Harambee 2007, an album created for the Brooklyn/Green Meadows Reunion