Education in Henderson County From 1865 Until 1916

There are very few records for the Henderson County schools relating to Blacks, but it appears that education for Blacks in Henderson County had been going on in some form since the end of slavery. In the 1880’s and 1890’s Luella Montgomery was said to 

The Community Council

In the early 1960’s Henderson County’s Community Council successfully pressed for the desegregation of schools and other reforms. Excerpt from A Brief History of the Black Presence in Henderson County by Gary Franklin Green The year was 1960. The Civil Rights movement had given a 

Ninth Avenue School Year Books

All 16 of the Yearbooks from the Ninth Avenue School are available at: – Search Results – DigitalNC

Overview of African American Education Before Integration

Through the hard work of many people, Henderson County’s Black schools endured, persevered, and often prospered in less than ideal circumstances. The story of the advances in education for Black students in Henderson County, from the years following the Civil War to the eventual integration