Welcome to the Homer Davis Cafe

After all the parties were over and the theater show long closed, the place to be on a Saturday night was that sizzling little juke joint around the corner on Ashe Street. Next door to Sister Babe’s. It was just the right place to shed 

Black Gold

Sometimes it’s hard to believe the changes of modernization through the years. It now seems unreal to have driven cars without air conditioning, without heat, no CD changer. Guys, remember sneaking your mom’s best bedspread to cover the car’s front seat to go on a date because of sharp 

Playing the Game

…ooh Mar-r-y Mack, Mack, Mack…all dressed in black, black, black…with sil~ ver buttons, buttons, buttons… If you can finish that rhyme, you grew up in Brooklyn, probably not Green Meadows. If you’re now starting to sing the rhyme, then, oh yeah… you’re definitely from Brooklyn, or 

The Blue Goose

Should have been named… THE PARENTS NIGHTMARE. It was the kind of place your parents always warned you about. And just like all those other parental warnings, no way you would stay away from it. This all night speakeasy was a mixture of Dodge City, 

Union Grove Baptist Church

Union Grove Baptist Church

The Union Grove Baptist Church of Hendersonville, N.C., was organized as a congregation in 1909, first meeting in the homes of the founding members until land was purchased on Ashe Street.  In 1918, under the guidance of Rev. Cain Smith, a church was built and 

Brooklyn Neighborhood Map

Brooklyn Neighborhood Map

Street names: Ashe St. to city limits Beech St. to city limits Cherry St. to city limits 8th Ave. East 9th Ave. East 10th Ave. East Ashe Alley – 1/2 block Cherry Alley – 1/2 block Hill Street Ridge Street Maple Street from 7th Avenue 

Greenbook Guest House

The Landina Guest House was one of many Black-owned businesses that served the Black community in the days of segregation.   https://www.blueridgenow.com/news/20190714/beyond-banks-doing-it-by-green-book

Brooklyn Community

Brooklyn was a vibrant community near Hendersonville’s old train depot.  It had a variety of Black-owned businesses before urban renewal projects reconfigured the area in the late 1960’s.   https://www.blueridgenow.com/article/NC/20160228/News/606017614/HT   https://thelaurelofasheville.com/communities/history-feature-hendersonville-community-lives-in-memories-of-its-residents/