Beyond the Banks: Renaissance Woman

An entrepreneurial spirit sometimes manifests itself from an early age. Case in point: the Hendersonville tyke who charged admission to her playhouse and later blossomed into a successful businessperson and civic leader. Melinda Lowrance was born to Alexander and Sarah Louise Gash Pilgrim in 1951. 

Sandra Suber of Lanodell’s Hat Shop

Mrs. Sandra Suber provided the community with beautiful hats from her shop in Mills River.

Johnny A. Young

Johnny A. Young

Johnny Young owned a concrete finishing business. His projects included the sidewalks of Downtown Hendersonville, Carolina Village and Four Seasons Mall. Johnny Young was a self-employed concrete finisher who owned and operated his own business for over 30 years in Henderson County. His work projects 

MLK Unity Breakfast

Hendersonville’s annual Martin Luther King Unity Breakfast promotes understanding, collaboration and unity.