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James Fisher at Connemara

James Fisher worked at Connemara as a valet and chauffeur for the Smyth family in the early 1900’s.

Mud Creek Missionary Baptist Association

Mud Creek Missionary Baptist Association

Mud Creek Missionary Baptist Association A fourteen-acre assembly ground with eleven buildings in East Flat Rock provided a training and social venue for members of African-American Missionary Baptist churches from Henderson, Buncombe and Transylvania counties.   From A Brief History of the Black Presence in 

Mr. Walter Allman, the Gentleman Custodian

The Henderson County Education Foundation inducted eight honorees into the Education Foundation Hall of Fame on April 26, 2007, at the Hendersonville Country Club. The inductees were from diversified backgrounds – teachers, principals, a bus supervisor, an attorney, a custodian. But they shared one trait. 

Welcome to the HOMER DAVIS CAFÉ 

After all the parties were over and the theater show long closed, the place to be on a Saturday night was that sizzling little juke joint around the corner on Ashe Street. Next door to Sister Babe’s. It was just the right place to shed 

Black Gold

Sometimes it’s hard to believe the changes of modernization through the years. It now seems unreal to have driven cars without air conditioning, without heat, no CD changer. Guys, remember sneaking your mom’s best bedspread to cover the car’s front seat to go on a date because of 

Playing the Game

…ooh Mar-r-y Mack, Mack, Mack…all dressed in black, black, black…with sil~ ver buttons, buttons, buttons… If you can finish that rhyme, you grew up in Brooklyn, probably not Green Meadows. If you’re now starting to sing the rhyme, then, oh yeah… you’re definitely from Brooklyn, or 

The Blue Goose

Should have been named… THE PARENTS NIGHTMARE. It was the kind of place your parents always warned you about. And just like all those other parental warnings, no way you would stay away from it. This all night speakeasy was a mixture of Dodge City, 

Fried Green Tomatoes at 1205 6th Ave. West

Fried Green Tomatoes at 1205 6th Ave. West

Sliced Green tomatoes (thick) Flour & Corn Meal Mixture Salt Pepper Crushed Cayenne Pepper Lard or Bacon Grease I don’t ever remember eating fried green tomatoes growing up as a kid, only after I was able to prepare them myself. Green tomatoes were set aside 

Beyond the Banks: Renaissance Woman

An entrepreneurial spirit sometimes manifests itself from an early age. Case in point: the Hendersonville tyke who charged admission to her playhouse and later blossomed into a successful businessperson and civic leader. Melinda Lowrance was born to Alexander and Sarah Louise Gash Pilgrim in 1951. 

Education in Henderson County From 1865 Until 1916

There are very few records for the Henderson County schools relating to Blacks, but it appears that education for Blacks in Henderson County had been going on in some form since the end of slavery. In the 1880’s and 1890’s Luella Montgomery was said to